Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sensible Portions Cheating With Chocolate

If you like sweet snacks, but are watching your calorie intake, Sensible Portions Cheating with Chocolate snack packs are the perfect answer.

I recently had the chance to try two different flavors of this product, the Cinnamon Roll drizzled with white chocolate and the the Smores, which had a dark chocolate topping.

The Cinnamon Roll snacks were light and the soy was crunchy and had great flavor, There was cinnamon throughout every bite and the white chocolate was a good complement to the crunch and cinnamon. Unlike other 100 calorie snacks that I have tried, there was enough in the bag to make you feel like you were getting a decent snack. Granted, these will not fill you up when you're hungry, but if you want a sweet treat, this will definitely take care of the issue with only 100 calories.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of smores, as I find them way too sweet. However, the Chocolate version? It satisfied the chocolate craving, had the crunch and a hint of marshmallow flavor.

Both flavors reminded me of breakfast cereals with the noisy crunch. I don’t know about you, but if it’s supposed to be crunchy, I want to hear it.

At the end, I saw a little bit of crumbs in the bottom of one of the bags. I freely admit it, that was two calories that I thought I’d be getting-the bag went up and those crumbs went into my mouth. That’s how good these snacks were-I didn’t want to miss a morsel.

If I've got a rumbling stomach, I'll reach for something more substantial, but if I want something sweet that's better for me than a candy bar, Cheating with Chocolate fits the bill.

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