Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Are You Buying a New Refrigerator?

You're in the market for a new refrigerator. If it's been more than 5 years since you last purchased one, boy, are you in for a surprise!

Stainless steel is the most popular finish and French Door style refrigerators are rapidly overtaking side by sides as the most commonly purchased style. I'm sure you have many questions about the different styles and which is the best for you. I will answer those questions in another post. Today, I'll tell you about one very important feature: Water Filtration.

You may be thinking that you've lived a long time without it or that you've already got a water delivery service. I have a few questions for you to help you decide if spending the extra money up front is cost effective in the long run.

Are you ready? Here we go:

1. Do you drink bottled water?
2. How many bottles do your family drink a day? How much do you pay per bottle?
3. Multiply the number of bottles by the cost.
Example 6 bottles a day by 1.29 a bottle = 7.74
4. Calculate your expense per week by multiplying the daily cost by 7
Example 7.74 per day multiplied by 7 = 54.18
5. Then multiply the weekly total by 52.
Example 54.18 multiplied by 52 = 2817.36

That refrigerator’s water filtration has paid for itself in the first year!

Another example:

1. How many gallons of water does your family go through in a week?
Example 3 gallons
2. Multiply the gallons by the cost
Example 3 gallons by .89 cents a gallon (Publix cost) = 2.67
3. Multiply the weekly cost by 52 for annual cost.
Example 2.67 X 52 = 138.84
You won’t see the benefit as quickly, but your benefit of water filtration will be seen in a $1099. refrigerator in eight years.

A simple feature that you may not have considered important can mean big savings for your family!

I hope this helps you in determining if adding water filtration to your new refrigerator is right for you.


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  2. Thank you! your posts are always so helpful. I did some more research when I decided to buy a fridge and this article helped too. Maybe somebody else can get some use out of it.