Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why a Front Load Laundry Pair Saves You Money

Here is a Resource Comparison of Top Load versus Front Load Washers that I did for my customers in my last job. To determine your cost benefit, take your water bill and determine your cost per 1,000 gallons to find out what it will cost you.

Your average Front Load uses 15 gallons of water PER LOAD. Your average top load uses 80 to 120 gallons PER LOAD. (We’ll use the low end for comparison purposes)

Per load, a front load washer uses 65 gallons less per load. (Realistically, this could be as much 105 gallons each load)

Let’s say you do 4 loads of laundry per week.
4 loads x 65 gallons = You’re saving 265 gallons per week.

This means, each year, you are using 13,500 gallons less water. (Possibly you are saving 21,800 gallons depending on your model washer)

Currently, that saves you $42.98 in water costs from Lakeland water. (or $88.44)

That water has to go somewhere, right? That’s where your sewer charges come in. You’ll save $44.66 in sewer fees. (or 70.18)

So, the average of four loads per week in a front load saves you $87.64 a year, right? Nope! Double that, because the front load capacity is twice your typical top load. On water resources ALONE, your customer is saving $175.98!

On a $2000 laundry pair, your water savings pays for the set in 11 years. Just from using less water. That said, consider how much ENERGY it takes to move 80-120 gallons of water (a gallon weighs 11 pounds, so 880 to 1320 pounds per load). Additionally, a front loader moves only the clothes through the water, not both. If your local electric company is like ours, that can save you HUNDREDS each year.

So, if you would like to upgrade to a front loader and your spouse says "No, we can't afford it", show them this to prove that you can!

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