Monday, April 6, 2009

"If Mama Don't Laugh" Book Tour and GIVEAWAY!

Join me here on April 15th to meet Lucy Adams, author of "If Mama Don't Laugh, It Ain't Funny," and you can WIN your very own "If Mama Don't Laugh" baseball cap!

At tax time, we all need an extra laugh, and syndicated columnist Lucy Adams delivers a book full of them!

I had the pleasure of laughing at Lucy's tales of life with four kids and will interview her about the book.

Now, about that prize. Lucy has generously donated this hat to one of my New Sue Review Readers:

This is a nice, high quality ball cap, suitable for a day at the park, covering the bad hair day or trying to disguise yourself when your child has embarrassed the heck out of you.

Tell me your funny story in the comments and we'll pick a winner on April 15th!

Extra Entry!!! Become a follower of this blog and comment to let me know!

See you then!


  1. I almost don't think it's fair of me to enter, but, I will anyway.

  2. I recently made an attempt to lighten my hair at home, and the results must be pretty funny because everyone is laughing...except me. My poor 5 month old was so startled by my new "do" I actually had to put on a hat to prove it was me:) I think this give away is amazingly timely and I can't wait to see what Lucy Adams has to say:) Thanks!

  3. Very embarrassing when my two year old said a swear word in front of his grandparents!

  4. I'm a grandma now and would enjoy the hat. I vividly remember back when I went to buy gas and drove up to the island to find out I tank was on the wrong side. I proceeded to drive around the island and was still on the wrong side. When I looked up and saw someone watching me from the store I was so embarrassed that I left and got gas elsewhere. Thanks for having the wonderful giveaway.

    dianad8008 AT gmail DOT com

  5. Whenever my daughter announces she has to go potty!

  6. When my son put his bears in time out!

  7. Thank you for a great giveaway. I would love to win. I think it is so funny when my youngest daughter who is 3 always trys to help me during the day when her brother and sister are in school. We have alot of fun. THank you