Wednesday, April 8, 2009


With April comes thoughts of baseball. If you're the average sports fan, you're digging out gear to show your support of your favorite team. In my case, it means I'm grabbing my beloved Mets ball cap and wearing it proudly.

Lets be honest, for years, if you were a girl and you liked sports, you were relegated to wearing the same stuff as the guys, tee shirts and ball caps. Maybe a key chain. There wasn't much for us to show the world we loved our team.

Enter Tessuta. Andrea Claster Greenspan founded Tessuta to provide great woven products. From pillows, to purses, to memo boards and more, Tessuta makes products for many colleges and recently entered a deal with major league Baseball to offer a variety of licensed, high quality woven items.

I recently got Tessuta's Game Day Purse featuring my Amazin's on the front. The thing that struck me when I first opened the package is how striking the bag is with grosgrain ribbons of black woven with the Mets royal blue in an elegant basket weave.

Even more impressive was that this bag has substantial weight for its size. The grosgrain ribbons are paired with a heavyweight cotton in royal blue. This is one bag that is built to last.

Probably the thing that's the greatest is that the Game Day Purse fulfills a need with style. When you're headed to the game, you don't want to be lugging your usual handbag, but you have essentials you can't be without. For me, the bare minimum that I have to carry is my camera, wallet, keys and cell phone. The Game Day Purse easily held these items in the front zippered compartment (wallet), middle magnet snap closure pocket (camera and keys) and the back pocket (cell phone). If pressed, I could fit more in here, but honestly, who needs more for a game? Or a concert, for that matter.

After checking mine out, it got put into service for quick trips to the store and for the days when I am working and don't have pockets in my pants (I work outdoors and need to have ID and keys on me). I love how the strap is adjustable, as I like bags to be slung low on my hip. Your preference might be different, and Tessuta put in that nice feature, rather than offer a one size fits all strap.

I have a new favorite bag for sightseeing. Thanks, Tessuta!

You're probably wondering what other items Tessuta makes. Currently, their MLB products include the Game Day Bag, Narrow Memo Board and Square Pillow.

The other products Tessuta offers that I am excited about is their Collegiate product line. While my school currently has no products available, I was able to take a peek at the product line, as offered at other schools. I cannot wait until the messenger bag is offered for USF, because I want to carry my books in style!

If you want to show your team spirit with something stylish, well made and practical, go check out Tessuta today!

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