Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's The New Sue Review, Coming Right at You

Since I've been hanging out at MomDot, its becoming clear that here are other opportunities that I'd like to explore within the blogging world.

Rather than contribute them all to my current blog, I am thinking that it makes more sense to create a separate blog for reviews and contests that are all over the internet. When I go to my own website (hopefully) by the middle of he year, I'll combine all the blogs into the one site and tab them. For now, you'll just have to bookmark this one, too.

The blogroll will go up shortly. In it you'll find links to mom blogs, contest sites and various other review and product sources.

If you are a company who would like a retail management professional with over twenty years experience to review your products here, feel free to contact me at NewSueReview at Gmail dot com.

I also encourage you to contact me if you are a blogger who reviews products and/or has contests and giveaways, so that I may add you to the blogroll.

(and for those who know where the blog title comes from, No you will not see Henrietta, Charlie or Freddie. Unless someone comes out with an updated version of the show, that is.)

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